I was exposed to music in church and at home at a very early age, and began my formal training on the trombone in 5th grade.
My first paying gig in a Dixieland band at age 13 hooked me and set in motion a varied and wonderful lifetime of studying music, being on-stage,
and involved in music in other ways.  I have been fortunate to have performed many styles, in many situations with some great players and people.

  *   Tuba
  *   Baritone   *   Bass Guitar   *   Percussion   *   Guitar
  Trumpet   *   Harmonica   *   Vocals   *   Piano/Keyboards   *   Saxophone

Gospel   *   Jazz   *   Blues   *   Rock   *   Pop   *   Country

There are several groups missing that I only have memories of, but here are some photos, links and songs that track my journey a bit...

Gary Neal & The Lavamen


Gary Neal---Lead vocals/keyboard/guitars/harp/sax/percussion
Chris "Bonedaddy" Koppelberger---Bass/vocals/harp
Ron Santoro---Drums/vocals
Jimmy James---Guitars



  The Erie Cats, 2016---present

Jen Glick---Vocals/Percussion
Dick Devries---Bass/vocals
Eric Rallich---Drums/vocals/guitar
Gary Neal---Keyboard/guitar/vocals
Larry Lawrence---Guitar/vocals

Grizzly, 2017---present

Harry Lawrence---Vocals
Larry Lawrence---Guitar/vocals
Craig Hawkins---Guitar/vocals
Eric Ralich---Bass/vocals
Gary Neal---Keys/guitar/harp
Hari Sevestopouos---Drums
Jen Glick---Percussion/vocals

Ryan Rini & Gary Neal,  2013

clips coming soon

Static Pop,  2010---2014

Anastasia Guiller---Vocals
Gary Neal---Guitar/vocals
Danny Wadsworth---Bass/vocals
Ron Santoro---Drums/vocals

Will Gearhart---Sound Technician

All sorts of photo's and video's can be found @

     Static Pop's Facebook   

The Melz, 2009

Melissa Williams---Vocals
Gary Neal---Guitar/keys/vocals
Dick Devries---Bass/vocals
Rick Palencar---Drum

Teaser, 2009

Don Luich---Lead vocals
Tony Lupica---Guitar/vocals
Gary Neal---Guitar/harp/sax/vocals
Ron Abrahamson---Keys/vocals
Jerry Stewart---Bass/vocals
Mark Chalmers---Drums/vocals

There are a lot of gig photo's to peruse @

Loaded Question Band, 2008

Erin Discenza---Vocals
Gary Neal---Guitar/vocals
Dennis Roeder---Bass/vocals
Mike Piazza---Drums/vocals

Audio Clips!!!

Moondance---Erin Discenza;  vocals

Gel---Erin Discenza;  vocals

Fire---Erin Discenza;  vocals

Love You Too Much---Dennis Roeder;  vocals

The Fender Benders, 2007

Gary Neal---Vocals/Guitar
Dennis Roeder---Vocals/Bass
Mike Piazza---Drums

Audio Clips!!!

What's Next To The Moon---Gary Neal; vocals/guitars

Snortin' Whiskey, Drinkin' Cocaine---Gary Neal;  vocals/guitars

Loaded Question Band, 2005

Erin Discenza---Vocals
Gary Neal---Guitar/vocals
Jerry Stewart---Bass/vocals
Mike Shannon---Drums/vocals

looking for the lost audio clips...

Bluesmatic, 2006
Gary Neal---Lead Vocals/keys/guitar/harmonic/sax
Larry Bolgar---Bass
Mike Mihaly---Guitar
Bill Yergin---Drums

Audio Clips!!!
Black Cadillac---Gary Neal; keys/vocals

Chicken Shift---Gary Neal;  keys/harmonica/vocals

I Want To Love You---Gary Neal;  keys/vocals/sax

Further On Up The Road---Gary Neal;  keys/vocals

Messin' With The Kid---Gary Neal;  keys/vocals/harp

The One To Be---Gary Neal;  keys/vocals

The Deep, Mendota, Illinois Corn Fest 1993

John Brown---Drums/vocals
Neal Woolbright---Guitar/keys/vocals
Ed Derix---Bass/vocals
Mark Campbell---Guitar/vocals

Click here for "The Deep" 1993 Video on my YouTube Channel!

Audio Clips!!!
Unskinny Bob---Neal Woolbright;  lead vocals
Hard To Handle---Neal Woolbright;  lead vocals
Build A Fire---Neal Woolbright;  lead vocals
Never Been Any Reason---John Brown/Neal Woolbright;  lead vocals
Melt With You---John Brown;  lead vocals
Right Here Waiting For You---John Brown;  lead vocals
Dumas Walker---John Brown;  lead vocals
Brown Eyed Girl---John Brown;  lead vocals
Catch Me If I Fall---Mark Campbell;  lead vocals
Satisfaction---Mark Campbell;  lead vocals
That Boy---Mark Campbell;  lead vocals
Out In The Cold---Ed Derix;  lead vocals
Rock The Cradle Of Love---Ed Derix;  lead vocals

My good friend and Musical Mentor, Donel Austin.  Look him up in the Rockabilly Hall of  Fame Legend's list

Donel & The Austin City Limits Band, 1989

Chuck DeVivo---Keys/vocals
Donel Austin---Bass/vocals
Steve Donaldson---Drums
Neal Woolbright---Guitar/vocals

  Diamond Reign, Rochelle Illinois 1986

Neal Woolbright---Guitar/keys/vocals
Rex Corson---Drums/vocals
Joey Whittaker---Guitar
Rick Whaley---Bass

Neal Sidebottom---Vocals